Gnostics called their spiritual tradition simply ‘the way’. Gnosis is not an intellectual theory. It is a state of being. It is an inner knowledge which can never be truly understood from outside. For the original Christian’s the ‘gospel’ or ‘good news’ is not a story written in a book. They taught that: ‘The gospel is the gnosis’. The gospel of gnosis is about absolute freedom. It is not a set of rules which must be followed. It is about discovering our own essential nature which is already good.



There have been many bad ideas propagated by literalist Christian organizations. Many of these ideas are not only bad ideas but harmful. We therefore would like to distance ourselves from the following literalistic ideas:

The Concept of Original Sin
This is a very bad idea. No child is born corrupt. We must reassure our children that they are good and born perfect.

The  Bible is the word of God
The Bible is a collection of writings by men. It may be inspired. But this does not mean that God said it.

There is a day of judgment and the body will rise in the flesh
This is a spiritually immature literalist projection.

Eternal Damnation
The world is naturally good. The many problems in the world are man-made. Therefore in order for man or the literalistic church to keep its power it must project their shame and guilt onto others. (The devil is a human creation, not God’s)

God loves and supports some people and not others
This is a conditional love of a lesser God of the Bible.

Sex is evil
Sexuality and spirituality are different sides of the same divine coin. In balance and harmony they can be a sublime rapturous reality.

God is male
If God is male he is incomplete. God is transgendered. God and Goddess.

God has one voice and uses chosen prophets to be understood
This is the most cunning and abused literalistic propaganda ever devised. This is why any direct experience of the Divine is such a mortal threat to Churches.

The church holds the keys to the kingdom of God through apostolic succession
This is another great deception to keep control of the masses. To speak figuratively if the church holds the keys it is to lock everyone else out. Or at least control access.