1. All who participate in the Friends of Gnosis share equally in its care and sacredness.
  2. Those who act as custodians of the Friends of Gnosis do so on behalf of the community and do not have any elevated status
  3. Since the Friends of Gnosis has no dogmas or rule, all try within their given state of grace to live a life of mutual love, respect and equality.
  4. Each individual is free to be themselves and encouraged to grow as authentic persons and friends of gnosis.166
  5. Each individual is responsible for their own actions independent of the community.
  6. There is a One, a Creator or God who emanates from the center of all life.
  7. A Holy Spirit emanates from the One to enlighten and create.
  8. All people are capable of direct experience of a Holy Spirit impervious to outside interpretation.
  9. Christ was able to realize more than others the fullness of humanity and divinity.DSC00409
  10. The One is the one true source and all other god’s including the god of the bible are lesser god’s created from the spiritually immature minds of human beings.
  11. All counsels and dogmas which grew from the bible are human creations and not divinely inspired.
  12. Traditions such as the sacraments may have value and offer comfort to the human condition but are not necessary for salvation
  13. Jesus as an historical person shared in our humanity and realized more than anyone else the divinity of all creation and all its peoples.
  14. Jesus is therefore not God but an emanation from the One just as we all are.270
  15. All expressions of religion are constructs of human minds which may serve to separate humanity from each other and the One.
  16. Jesus came to live and learn. When he departed this world Christ consciousness was created.
  17. The Christ comes to us all through a Holy Spirit and by many names and direct experiences.
  18. Jesus was born of the feminine as must we all. As such the story of a virgin birth is a myth which is another construct of the human mind.
  19. The need for a priesthood or priestcraft is not necessary for Christ consciousness.
  20. Patriarchal institutions which exist within today’s humanity are hegemonical and oligarchical.
  21. Christ consciousness is present and available to the entire human family and this grace does not need to be dispensed or mediated.
  22. Subsidiarity and participatory individuals and communities have no need for city states such as the Vatican, Mecca or Jerusalem. Nationalism, patriotism, muti-national and corporate entities are phantoms which do not possess a soul or have the ability to receive the gift of Christ consciousness.
  23. Christ consciousness is fluid and has no need for geo-religious or geo-political thought control or manipulations.
  24. Spiritual maturity and happiness comes from the reckoning of life and in the fulfilment of the mystery of a cosmic Christ.
  25. This mystery is an evolution of an individual and collective higher consciousness through the self- transcendent reality of the One.
This mystery is an evolution of an individual and collective higher consciousness through the self- transcendent reality of the One