About Us


We are women and men who have dedicated our lives to living as companions of goodwill.
As brothers and sisters we try our best to live each day as best as we can within our given state of grace.

We do not belong to any one group, tradition or culture. We are united by a common mission of gnosis.

Our goodwill extends to family, friends, one another and our community.

Anyone with a genuine desire to make a difference is welcome.

We accept that humanity is in the midst of a climate crisis and that as we embrace the mindfulness of gnosis we can help to mitigate climate catastrophe.

By following these guiding principles and ideals we hope to become socially relevant in order to reform information ecosystems for the 21st century. Society has become sophisticated in promoting the propaganda of modern superstition. Through social engineering the world is obsessed with fake news and conspiracy theories which are fueling today’s mental, social, and linguistic abnormalities.

The Friends of Gnosis acronym FOG is apropos as it symbolizes mystery and the need for the heightened awareness of gnosis. We accept that Gnosis has been with us since Homo Sapien’s gathered in small groups to honour Mother Earth. Not much is known about these early Gnostic’s except that they existed in communion with the natural world. The early Gnostics also helped to lay the foundation for a burgeoning Christianity. At least until Constantine proclaimed himself Holy Roman Emperor and molded the Roman Church into an image of him-self. As a result Gnostics became the antithesis of a literalist Roman Catholic Church. Early Gnostic’s viewed the Roman Catholic Church as a fallible human conception. Gnostics shone light on the opulent and decadent life style of Roman Catholic Bishops as proof of their lack of gnosis. Gnosticism was founded on the wisdom of the past as it strived to lean into the future.

Gnosticism is the mystical in nature. Mysticism is the search for the Divine within one’s self. For Gnostics self-knowledge was revealed by the Divine within through gnosis. Knowledge of the Divine introduces us to the essence which lives within all creation. The Gnostic path is a path of direct enlightenment or direct experience. This experience is personal and cannot really be communicated to others with words. This is the Divine essence of direct experience. The literalist Roman Catholic Church who held the reins of power felt threatened by anything that could undermine their authority through direct experience of the Divine.

As more and more people began to follow the Gnostic path the Roman Catholic Church felt increasingly threatened and responded with propaganda, heresiology and inqusitions. However as we all know you cannot kill an idea. Especially an idea whose time has come. Once again the time for a Gnostic renascence has arrived. We Gnostics are still here. We are meeting again as diverse peoples of Mother Earth who seek freedom and liberation of the Divine spark which lives within nature and each and every one of us.

As we move forward the Friends of Gnosis offers a place to gather and live as equals within our given state of grace. We strive to advance the spirit of the eternal self within and to live in communion with the natural world. We seek to avoid monetary regimes of governance and pursue resource leadership systems based on consensus egalitarianism.

Friends of Gnosis do not practice monetary business models which are based on competition and confrontation. We choose rather to promote resource based methods of monetary collaboration and cooperation. Because we choose to avoid the trappings of organized religion we are self-sustaining. We respond not to a church of mortar, brick and glass, but to a temple of the mind, heart and soul of a Divine Spirit.

When we gather we do so amid the natural world. The grass becomes our carpet. The trees become our walls. The clouds become our frescos. All the sights, sounds, smells and beauty of the natural world become a gift offered to us by the Creator. A temple which all of creation has been invited to share with one another. It is from this environmental position of equality that all peoples are invited to participate in the companionship of the Friends of Gnosis regardless of race, creed, ethnicity, sex or sexual orientation.


As a fellow seeker I attended St Augustine’s Roman Catholic Seminary in 1988. After completing my studies I was accepted by the Bishop for ordination. However after much prayer and discernment I declined ordination. As much as I was convinced that I had been called to the seminary I was also convinced that I was not being called to the Priesthood as it existed at that time. However I continued to feel that I was being called to a life of service.

After working twenty seven years with the marginalized in the fields of addictions, mental health and the criminal justice systems I once again felt the call to the Priesthood. However by this time I had been married, divorced and remarried. After all these years had passed I did not understand why I was once again being called to the Priesthood. I only knew that when you are called you have to pay attention. As a result I was led to an Independent Catholic Church and in 2009 I was ordained a Priest.

I was then assigned to a Parish in Midland, Ontario. As I became more involved within the parish I also became increasingly concerned about its theology. As a result I was offered the opportunity by the Archbishop to establish the new mission of St Francis Church of Holy Light (SFCHL) which was also located in Midland, Ontario. However as time passed I continued to disagree with the church hierarchy and its theology. Over time I visited other Independent Catholic Churches but always found them lacking in vision and temperament. As a result I completely divested from the Independent Catholic Church movement and SFCHL followed me.

St Francis Church of Holy Light became an independent other-denominational haven with charitable status as recognized by the Canadian Revenue Agency. The ordination counsel of SFCHL appointed me as its Bishop and as we moved forward SFCHL continued to become more liberal and progressive in both theology and practice.

However as the journey continued the direction of St Francis Church of Holy Light became clear. It was time to completely shed the trappings of organized religion and to move forward as a philosophical movement promoting the need for wakefulness through the concepts of gnosis. This resulted in the creation of the Friends of Gnosis which is openly gnostic and promotes cultural and spiritual diversity. Therefore as quickly as I was installed Bishop I accepted the title of Tau and put to rest the designation of bishop. As the Friends of Gnosis adopted a more political stance it had to somewhat distance itself from the church. However, this new freedom has led to a freethinking spiritual awakening unfettered by the status quo of bureaucratic elites. This freedom permitted me to now live a life which is a more accurate embodiment of who I am humanly and spiritually. As a member of the Metis community and for the sake of fraternity I continue to self-identify as “Tau” which simple means “Elder”. As an elder I am simply a custodian and servant of the people.

Thus far this has been my journey of gnosis. My spirit has surpassed the dogma’s and fetter’s associated with a corporate church edifice. As a result the Friends of Gnosis identifies itself as a philosophical movement which favours the promotion of gnosis. We are open to everyone and our prayer is that gnosis becomes a universal phenomenon which cast a beacon of light so all inhabitants can clearly see the damage which Mother Earth is sustaining. May these new eyes see her beauty and come to her side as her protector.

Our hope is that as more of us make this journey of gnosis the eyes of humanity may be opened so all will be awakened to the perils of climate crisis. The scientific evidence is clear and can be felt not only environmentally but also psychologically as mental health is impacted through eco-anxiety as the disaster of political psychosis is given a free reign to shape our future. As Friends of Gnosis we implore all humanity to wake up and take our power back from the economic and political forces which are destined to doom all life on planet earth. Whether this happens individually or collectively is the responsibility of all of us.

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Tau David Deschambault