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Is found in the reckoning of life,

And in the fulfilment,

Of its mystery”

Tau David Deschambault

  • What is Gnosticism?

    Gnosis means knowledge. This inner spark of the Divine can be accessed by everyone with out the need for any assistance, direction or control of an institutional church, organization or self proclaimed guru.

  • Our Rules To Live By

    We follow the Golden Rule also known as ethic of reciprocity. Simply treat those as you would like to have them treat yourself. Do onto others as you would have them do onto you.

  • M.A.P.

    The Men's Awareness Project - for the prevention of violence and addiction "MAP helps men to look at two important wounds which we have inherited. Violence and addiction."

  • The Way

    There are many ways but one true destination. Like the spokes of a wheel one day we will all meet at our final destination. What awaits us there is up to us. We must choose the right way to live and die. Whatever you’re spiritual or philosophical persuasion is you must choose a way, follow your path, and face the battles of the day.

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    Every life has a beginning and an ending. Then the life cycle begins again. Hopefully the next time as a more enlightened human being. This is the common fate of humanity. We must therefore learn to embrace our fate. This is expressed in the maxim “Amor Fati” or “love your fate”. I began writing this […]

    By Tau David Deschambault | June 19, 2019

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  • THE FOG – The Addiction Magician

    Today when we consider healing we turn to the medical model. An example is the opioid crisis. On one hand people are dying every day due to overdoses. On the other hand we have a Provincial Government in Ontario that wants to make alcohol more accessible by placing it in corner stores. This seems to […]

    By Tau David Deschambault | June 19, 2019

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  • THE FOG – The Game of Life

    If we use the metaphor of a game to describe life then it is in our best interest to play it well. Good and bad fall upon everyone and how well we play the game depends not necessarily on the rules but what rules our attitudes. It has been said that the attitude is the […]

    By Tau David Deschambault | June 10, 2019

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